Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meet Lacey!

Meet our new puppy, Lacey!  She is now 12 weeks old and adorable; very calm and sweet. She has so much hair and huge paws - portend of things to come.

Doing chores with Mark

We drove an hour and half Friday evening to pick her up from a kind fellow who drove her to Nebraska from the breeder who lives in northwest South Dakota. On the way home she sat on the floor between my feet. She was quiet and slept most of the way home. She responded to my handling so sweetly...she leaned into my petting. A girl who loves massage is my kind of girl.

Mark made her a hay house in the secure chicken pen so she has a place to come out of the weather. She will soon be getting acquainted with the Dots who are now her charge to protect. Saturday morning I checked on her out the window, and although it was below zero, she was sleeping on top of the hay house! Remember she is covered by thick long hair and came from a colder latitude.

This morning she found her voice and we know now that she can bark! Up until now, she was so quiet which wouldn't be a good thing in a watchdog. But we learned she is just fine. We had so much fun  in the snow this morning.
We are so happy to have her join our ranch family.

AND THE WINNER IS...........

Thank you dear readers who participated in the Name Our Puppy Contest. The names that made the short list are: Mardee, Winnie, and Misha. However, the winner is Mark!! OMG, yes, Mark. He came up with Lacey and when we got her, she WAS Lacey. Since we ended up naming her ourselves, we will be sending a jar of jam to the three finalists - thank you Sandy in South Dakota, Bonnie in North Carolina and Simona in California!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! She is so cute. How kind of you to have considered the name Mardee. But, Lacey is perfect for her. ;o)
Sandy in South Dakota

ruthannmoore1220 said...

She is so beautiful!!!! I love the pictures of her in the snow!

Jamie said...

Great pictures! Looks and sounds like she has settled in well. I'm so glad!