Thursday, February 3, 2011

Its a Small World Afterall

I have software that keeps stats on my Country Tales blog visitors and I have readers in the following countries;
USA, Germany, Canada, Costa Rica, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Thailand,  Czech Republic, Switzerland, Australia, China, Columbia, India, Denmark, Puerto Rico and Brazil.
It's a small world afterall.

Sharing our life on the Plains of America with people all over the world is a priviledge. This is a part of America that isn't portrayed often in media other than in old western movies so it remains foreign to many Americans too. It is easy to be wowed by the manifest beauty of nature and man's monuments, but the subtle beauty of nature can take ones breath away if we only look. The Plains is a lovely place to live with its four seasons, range of temperature, varied landscapes, legion of wildlife, friendly people, prodigious sky---and iconic monuments.

Everyday I notice another aspect of the vast beauty of this area. On the way home from town last week, Mark and I witnessed a bald eagle soaring over a field. It was a magnificant bird and an incredible sight to see on an otherwise ordinary day. Is there such a thing as an ordinary day when we really observe the natural world around us?

Enjoy your ordinary day. Thank you for visiting!

Photography and visuals thanks to Google!

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