Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

Such a beautiful picture full of promise; my seed
order from Seed Savers Exchange has arrived

I know, I know, it's still winter. But with the temps in the 60s maybe 70 today, the smell and feel of spring is in the air. Buds on the trees are starting to swell and thoughts in my head are planning when to start the seeds indoors and how the garden will look this spring and summer.

My seeds from Seed Savers Exchange have arrived (which makes spring more real), I've purchased the starter soil, and have some extra egg cartons that I will be using as starter pots. Now its all about waiting..

If you are still in the planning stage, consider SSE
for your seeds; check them out; contact details in
the Favorites column on the right of the blog.
In the meantime to enjoy this lovely weather, Lacey and I go for daily walks in the pastures so she will learn the ranch's boundaries that is hers to protect. We're learning the eastern pasture right now because its rolling hills gets lots of sun and therefore is drier and safer for me to walk up and down the hills. We'll attempt the western pasture with its steeper hills and gullies later when the ground is dry. Lacey has been handling the training leash beautifully; yet when shes off the leash she runs and explores but then stops to check on me. She is a delightful companion.
Is there some pointer in her? She checking out
the guineas. We're just starting our daily pasture walk.

The far eastern edge of the east horse pasture

The north side of the east horse pasture

Lucas and Lacey meeting at the Dot House

Lucas at his favorite place on the ranch; he LOVES
the Dots and could stay here watching them all day

another scrumptious Nebraska sunset last night

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