Monday, February 7, 2011

Yaktrax are Fabulous

Now, if you don't live in snow country, this post won't mean much to you. But if you live in snow country where its below zero for a few days and nights then in the single digits during the day and still zero at night and then in the 30s and 40s during the day and in the single digits at night --- you know what I mean. Our 12+ inches of snow began to melt during those 30s and 40s but froze into solid ice at night. That happened for a couple days and then the temperature took a dive and we're left with a sheet of ice over our yard. Check this out...

Yard ICE!

Yaktrax Tracks; see the ice beneath the snow?

Yaktrax Walkers are a miracle product. Until I bought them, I literally couldn't cross the yard to gather eggs or walk to the mailbox or go outside to play with Lacey. The ice beneath the snow was so slippery that I couldn't stand which is dangerous particularly with my new knee. Now, I strap them onto my boots and I can walk anywhere, confidently, on packed snow and ice. Just like they promise.

Here they are --- Yaktrax Walkers on my Uggs

The yard ice from the Dot House to the cottage

Sweet Lacey is GROWING


Janet said...

A guy at the HH was spreading ice melt on Sat. and he has something like this. He said he's had them for a few years and couldn't do without them. Lacey is so cute and happy that she is doing well with her new home.

Anonymous said...

Shoe Chains! I love it.

I saw a similar product in a magazine and my co-workers laughed at me for wanting them. These are the ding-dongs who also waited until this month to buy snow tires...


Anonymous said...

I think that's great. Much safer. Last week in all this changing weather I saw a rainbow in the East on the way to work. Then that evening I saw a Sundog in the Western sky. Richard said it had been showing up for several days. Amazing, the things in nature.

Sandy in South Dakota

Anonymous said...

I need to comment again. I enjoyed your reference to all the books a few blogs back. I am going to recommend one I am reading right now. It is called "Bold Spirit" by Linda Hunt. It is the story of Helga Estby who walked across America long ago to win prize money to save her families farm. There are other books with the same name, so be sure to see that it is about Helga. I am not very far along in it, but am finding it very inspirational. Enjoy!

Sandy in South Dakota