Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5 - 6 Pick Up Sticks

Wedged between cold winter days, today was a beautiful spring-ish day in the 50s --- great for outdoor work. It was glorious. Geese were flying noisily overhead on their way back north.
The first of two carts full of 'sticks'

The elm trees drop many branches during high winds so I spent the morning picking up sticks! Of course, Lacey thought it was a great game.

We got the supplies to mend the arbor which broke under the heavy foliage of the morning glory late last summer; and Mark started making the tomato cages out of concrete wire mesh. The tomato cages last year were puny so we decided we needed heavy wire. Tomatoes are the stars of our garden. We both love them and I didn't plant nearly enough last year. We've corrected that mistake so this year we'll have 20+ plants!
The first six of the tomato cages DONE
I'm working out the calendar for starting my garden seeds indoors. I'm just itching to get started but then the weather forecast slams me back to winter reality.
Soon, it will be spring. The geese and Sandhills cranes are telling me so.


Anonymous said...

That's a great way to contain the tomatoes. The cages that we can buy are always so easy to bend and flimsy. We are thinking of using a stock tank for a garden when we move to the hills. But, we will have to put up deer fence a few feet out from it. I hope you don't mind if we use your idea. Of course we won't have as much garden as you have as I'm not that ambitious, but we do want a patch of summer veggies.

It's snowing again here. I also am itching to get some plants going.

Sandy in South Dakota

Delores said...

The stock tank is such a great idea I'd love for everyone to consider it so I'm happy that you are. It's especially great for those of us who can't bend or kneel as easily as before and it keeps out the rabbits. A deer fence is ideal for peace of mind. We are lucky to not have had a problem with them last summer. We'll see what this year brings. I'm delighted that you are considering the stock tank garden. They are great. It's snowing here too!